About me

My name is Basia and I am an author of this website. I’m in love with words, language and all of the fields and activities which are related to them: from reading, through writing and editing to very confusing linguistic theories (OK, my relationship with them is a bit rough however I’m passionate about finding their reflections in real life). Some articles here will be dedicated to this subject, especially one particular thing like the process of becoming a bilingual person.

Why am I going to keep my mind on it? 

Let’s start from the last year of my studies when I decided to attend the lectures dedicated to bilingualism and biculturalism. This subject interested me so strongly that I chose it as a topic of my thesis. My research concerned the second generation of Polish migrants in Dublin. My goal was to examine what role the Polish language plays for children who have Polish parents but they grow up in an English-speaking environment. I have to admit that this project changed my life since I completely fell in love with Ireland and came here straight after I finished my studies. And here I am, standing astride between two language worlds. 

I am a graduate of Jagiellonian University and have been working as a proofreader and editor for the last four years. So far, I’ve worked on several dozen texts such as literary criticism, prose, poetry and scientific content. 

I love to travel! Explaining it is not necessary, I guess.

What am I doing here?

I was only the observer in the virtual world so far. I’ve been in love with the way the ordinary things may be caught by words or captured in photos. I think it’s amazing how beautiful might be even a cup of coffee in that! Going to the crux of the matter I’ve loved to be a part of a social group which is on the same wavelength and has similar interests. Creating this kind of community is even more wonderful and I’d love to blossom out to this stage sometime. And this website is going to be my ground.

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