Summer in Dublin. What to do?

Thinking of summer – what is the very first thought that comes to your mind? Let me guess: golden beach, sparkling ocean, a glass of margarita and you – lying on a sunbed topping the view off with your hot-dog-looking legs. However, life is cruel and for some reason doesn’t come to us with a passport and packed luggage and doesn’t say oh, here you are, dear! <putting a boater on your head>. It’s summertime so you go on your lovely holiday. See you in September! <pause for your dreams> Regardless, there are still some ways to make your summer remarkable, even if you aren’t going on your seaside holidays and have to stay in Dublin. Honestly, these ideas will work even if you have to work through the entire season. Summer in Dublin? Let’s get started!

1. Picnic

You might not know that, but in Poland, we call Ireland “The Green Island”. I believe the reason for this is that the whole country is rich in greenness, giving plenty of space for lovely picnics. And picnics are just a fantastic idea and that’s flat. This brings us to one point – a picnic equals delightful summer in Dublin. Prepare your favourite food, invite your friends and enjoy this little pleasure. Here are some picnic spots ideas you’ll love: St. Stephen’s Green Park, Ardgillan Castle, Malahide Castle, St. Anne’s Park and Merrion Square.

2. Outdoor Cinema


One of my favourite options for summer in the city! Take it as 2 in 1 since outdoor cinema is simply a picnic with a big-screen movie. Go ahead and pack up your basket with some lovely snacks, a bottle of Prosecco, and a blanket (I recommend bringing some cushions – that will be the real game-changer while sitting on the grass for a couple of hours!). Here you can follow the upcoming events in Dublin.

3. Drive-in Cinema

Let’s stay in the cinema vibe for another few seconds. Do you know these scenes from the old Hollywood films where a group of teenagers meet up to watch a film without coming out of their cars? Drive-in cinema always brings this retro vibe to my mind which, as a child, I could have only seen on my TV. Luckily, Dublin allows us to experience it at our cost. Here is some info about the upcoming drive-in cinema events.

4. Festivals

Yes, they’re coming back this year for 100%! There are a lot of things going on after these colourless 2 years. My favourites are Longitude (a music festival in Dublin), Galway Film Fleadh (yeah, this is based in Galway but it’s just a great opportunity for a little city break!), The Big Grill Festival in Dublin (can you go wrong with a food festival?!) and All Together Now which you can also combine with a little weekend trip since this event is based in Co. Waterford.

5. Hiking

It’s hard not to mention this form of summer activity whereas Dublin and the areas nearby offer so many lovely spots! Moreover, hiking blends benefits such as physical exercise which helps you to improve your general condition, huge satisfaction of climbing up to the hill and, last but not least, beautiful views. It’s a great idea if you want to spend time close to nature and far away from the city buzz. Find some excellent hiking spots near Dublin here.

6. Outdoor restaurants


We are all familiar with the weather situation in Ireland. Opposite to some other European cities, outdoor dining isn’t very popular here. Therefore, summer is a great (and only) opportunity to enjoy al fresco facilities. Here are my favourite spots in Dublin: The Grayson, Sophie’s, Ryleigh’s, The Secret Garden, Chez Max and Suesey Street.

7. Coastal and beach strolls

My hometown in Poland is placed around 1000 km away from the sea and I love the sea wholeheartedly, therefore, I still can’t get over how close it is now! Walking accompanied by the sounds of the waves is relaxing and refreshing, especially after the workday. The reasonable distance to numerous beaches makes commuting accessible, even if you decide for it spontaneously. Coastal walks, on the other hand, can be an excellent idea for the active weekend. They usually are a couple of kilometres long and some of them might be a bit challenging. I recommend you Howth Cliff Walk, Portmanock-Malahide and Bray to Greystones.

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