Three movies that will bring you to New York

One year ago I wrote this post about shows set in sunny California. My goal was to recommend to you some good series that both, would keep you from bad thoughts caused by pandemic and bring you to different, bright places where life was going on with a normal rhythm. Today, we still are at the same point with lockdown – no travels and no nights out with friends. Therefore, I feel like, with the current situation, films are my personal ally – I’m able to travel with characters and be hopeful that the old times will go back soon or later. If you feel the same, let me take you to New York with three amazing and charming movies thanks to which you’ll feel the atmosphere of this great city!

1. Begin again

Young singer meets middle-aged music producer. She has the whole life ahead and he is on the verge of collapse. She is full of hope while he is convinced that nothing good can happen to him anymore. That sounds like a huge contrary, right? However, there is something that connects them strongly – the passion for music. This one thing generates beautiful friendship between them and helps them to rebuild their lives and find themselves again. This comedy-drama with Keira Knightly and Mark Ruffalo will bring you to the most New Yorkish spots in New York!

2. On the Rocks


It’s a very new comedy-drama set in New York. Although the action starts from the concerns of Laura – a young novelist who sacrificed her career to two little daughters and a career-driven husband – about her marriage, the actual motive is about rebuilding a relationship between an adult daughter and her father, Felix. 

Laura convinced that her marriage is hanging in the balance, gives up the crazy ideas of her father who wants to help her to prove that her husband has a love affair. Felix thus finds a way to recover the bond with Laura.  This movie depicts how strongly our parents’ relationship affects our own and also that… it’s always good to start with an honest talk first!

3. Frances Ha 


Everyone says, how difficult is to be a teenager and that teenagers can be lost. But no one warns us that it actually doesn’t finish when you grow up and turn twenty. And the main character, Frances, is a great example of that – her adventures are nothing but ping-pong between big dreams and brutal reality. This movie reminds me of my own experiences when I was in college so I felt the connection with Frances very quickly. 

This film will be perfect for you when you have this feeling that everything in your life is going in the wrong direction and you just feel alone in all this. Well, you’re not.

Alright, are you ready for your New York movies adventure? So sit back, relax and enjoy your flight!

PS Don’t forget about your popcorn!

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