Three shows straight from sunny California

Another month of isolation has been passing. We still have to stay at our homes, closed from the world, our friends and family and the whole world is involved in fighting against the virus. I’d like it to be only the visualisation of a movie but unfortunately, this is our new reality. As I guess, you all are fed up with watching Netflix and the only thing you need is just spending some time outside, meeting your friends or flying somewhere. Yeah, me too.

However, there is one specific type of series which always works for me. Even if I’ve already watched hundreds of them. There is only one condition: it must be warm and bright there. Just imagine this heat reaching you from a screen, this beautiful soft light and amazing landscapes of a seaside or a city jungle in the summer version. +1000 to pleasure. That’s why I’m coming to you with some proposals of shows that perform this condition very well and moreover, they… just read below 😉

1. Euphoria

If you haven’t watched it yet, I think now is the best time to make it up. As I guess, everything you’ve heard about this show concerns things like violence, drugs, a lot of sex and extremes, that it’s probably exaggerated or even off base (hopefully!). That’s why you should definitely watch and judge it for yourself. 

The characters in Euphoria have very deep psychological portraits and each episode is devoted to one of them, their story and the way they evolved. You can see their past interchanging with the present and when you already have an opinion about someone, the bucket of cold water is poured on your head. Nothing is obvious in Euphoria

The complexity of the plot is not the only attribute of this show. I’m in love with all these beautiful shots which perfectly capture what’s going on in the minds of characters. On top of that the music (Labrinth) is all of the pieces! I even have some favourite moments, for example, the episode with the story of Jules (and wonderful Forever — be sure to listen to it! <3) and Halloween party (with heartbreaking Bronski Beat).

2. Big Little Lies

OK, this show is not very sunny, but it’s still California and still very gripping 😉

I’m going to start from the beautiful setting — walks on the beach, amazing large houses on the seaside and generally, even the intro made my heart beat faster (also because of Michael Kiwanuka and his Cold Little Heart). Unfortunately, the fate of the main characters is not beautiful at all. All of them have to face their demons although seemingly their lives are perfect. Big Little Lies is about rape, domestic violence, struggling with getting the life right after the divorce and attempts of dealing with the meteoric carrier with the motherhood.

In the first season, two plots interchange — the first one is very wide and we can be on the top of things and follow the story whereas the second one is barely visible, it appears suddenly in order to disappear in the same way and we’re not able to find out where the clue is. However, in the end, both pieces get connected with themselves in a very dramatic and unexpected way.

All this story seems to be extremely dramatic while the narrative is very calm and steady which gives us an interesting balance. I got a feeling that I was an observer of someone’s everyday life, not a big show made with a bang.

3. The L word: Generation Q

The sunniest one from all these series here. First thing I’d like to say is that I haven’t watched its sequel yet but I’m going to make it up soon.

I love this lovely atmosphere of unpaid friendship and large liberty of main characters! The L Word is basically about LGBT relations but we also find there some smaller stories and issues. Variety, fantasy and confidence explode in each scene which makes watching this show even funnier. In my opinion, this is a great way to break the taboo that homosexualism is still in some cultures. At the same time, the creators of this series just kind of shrug their shoulders and say that it is like it is detaching this subject from any negative cultural narrative. Almost.

A bright and colourful scenography in combination with an interesting music (especially during erotic scenes) is an extra asset here. Oh yeah, and erotic scenes — I believe that it’s even better to watch it with your other half 😉

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