Travel diaries. My Barcelona, part 2

Barcelona itself was one great spectacle.


Second Day

I started my morning with the short walk around and in this way I got to Sant Pau del Camp Romanesque monastery which is the oldest sacred building in Barcelona. I stopped there for a while to take a look at those huge walls and I felt like the time stopped with me as well. It was another time when my feelings mixed with the real view which I was just looking at, taking me away from here and now completely. I think that we could compare old buildings to people — we look at them, we see the history, sometimes we guess some other stories but the truth is that only these cold stone walls know what really happened there.

We picked up a place for breakfast just next to our hotel again and after that, we went to the city. We didn’t have any specific plan of our walk beside the fact we really wanted to see a wonderful Sagrada Família.

Public transport works perfectly in Barcelona but despite this fact, we chose to walk on foot. In my opinion, this is the best way to discover a city we visit. The distance between our hotel and the basilica was about 4 kilometres.

La Rambla took us to Plaça de Catalunya — the heart of Barcelona beating lively even in the wintertime while many cities fall asleep for long months. We can find a lot of shops and cafes around Catalonia Square and almost all of them have open gardens which was very special for me. Why?

I still remember these hard Polish winters when the temperature fell to minus 10 degrees every evening. My classes finished around 6 or 7 pm and I had to wait for a late bus even 15 minutes, shaking because of the piercing cold. I hated that wholeheartedly. Standing there and losing feeling in my fingers, I tried to bring to my mind some pictures from places like Barcelona when at the same time someone else just started a night out from a glass of red wine in one of the street gardens. Someone who is only wearing a classic trench coat, gauzy dress and black high heels. These thoughts made me feel better and provided awareness that warmth didn’t exist only in my mind. I just had to wait for it to come.

Fira de Nadal de la Sagrada Família

December is a perfect time for… Christmas markets. One of these in Barcelona was in the direct neighbourhood of Sagrada Família.

Fira de Nadal de la Sagrada Família has been operating since the early 1960s and it consists of about 100 souvenirs, Christmas decorations and local snacks stands. I had my first churros there. It was so hard to pass by those smells indifferently! Not even mention the area — we were eating our churros sitting on the bench just a few metres from the basilica.

We spent the night in the roof bar on the 10th floor. It was my birthday, I was drinking two piña coladas at the same time, wearing my favourite flower gauzy dress and black high heels on my feet. The whole world seemed so small and distant. As distant as my memories of cold winters.

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